Prestige Tilt-Up Consulting, Inc


Prestige Tilt-up Consulting, Inc. tilt-up engineering services are provided by our team of highly experienced Engineers and detailers.

Panel Detailing:
We provide lifting & bracing details using our proprietary “Tilt-Pro”(SM) software.Our engineering staff specifies appropriate lifting & bracing components and hardware for each project. Panel layouts clearly specify each lifting anchor position to provide the safest and best balanced lift, erection, and placement for each panel. Detail drawings are provided in organized drawing books that includes a detail sheet for each panel along with Bills of Material and manufacturers hardware instructions and specifications. And our staff works closely with your engineers and contractors personnel to provide the best service and delivery possible.

Shop drawings:

Detailed panel drawings showing placement of all rebar, embeds, anchors, and brace connection hardware can be provided when requested. These layout drawings are detailed based on the architectural and structural drawings provided by the contractor. A shop drawing layout book is created for each client.

Form Detailing:
When construction includes concrete pour-in-place utilizing Formwork, our staff can provide detailed plans specifying all formwork requirements, including listing of all forms, bracing, and accessories needed.

Masonry Bracing:
Bracing requirements for masonry wall construction is also a specialty of Prestige Tilt-up Consulting, Inc. When walls exceed safe heights or are subject to wind loads during construction they require bracing. Our engineers and detailers can identify your bracing needs.

On-Site Consulting Services:
Sometimes contractors desire to have our team of specialists visit their work place to provide on-site consulting. Our team provides safety inspections, worker and supervisor training, and accident forensic investigation. We provide these services on hourly and/or contract basis as requested.

Group Training Courses:
Prestige Tilt-up Consulting, Inc. conducts off-site training for construction, salesmen, engineering, and other personnel, in the art and science of tilt-up construction. Also, we conduct TCA Supervisor and Technician Certification training courses to prepare personnel to take the TCA Certification exam. Please contact our office for a schedule of classes or to arrange training to fit your needs.

April 12, 2018 Intermountain Course Training